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As people become more and more concerned about the lack of growth and stability in their retirement plans, purchasing investment real estate becomes the perfect strategy to either diversify or completely revamp your retirement strategy.

Several factors are negatively impacting people’s retirement planning:

• Potential end of social security
• Rapid decrease in defined benefit (aka pension) plans
• Potential changes to existing defined benefit plans
• Lack of growth (even in future years) in the stock market
• Lack of performance in defined contribution plans

Real estate investing is one of the best ways to protect against these changes because real estate offers:

• Monthly rental income
• Current incredibly low interest rates
• Market appreciation
• Multiple tax advantages in the forms of (1031 equity exchanges, depreciation, write off of certain expenses etc.) allowing you to keep more income
• Your own planning and decision making without intermediaries

We provide residential real estate consulting in the following areas:

• Real estate market analysis and planning
• Purchase and financing of real property
• Tenant screening and leasing
• Maintenance and management of real property

Real estate investing is NOT for all people. However, if you are tired of being concerned about your retirement and believe in yourself and your family, real estate investing is something that you should consider.

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